We are very angry people. We post about angry things and other angry people. So what? Thar be nothin' wrong with a bit o' anger me matey!

Forgetting your password..

And feeling screwed because you answered your security questions as JEFHSJFCSEF.


Honestly, I understand the concept of chores and whatnot, but what I do not understand is why the hell do your parents make you do EVERYTHING in the goddamn house while they sit around on their lazy asses doing nothing.  It’s like “Really mom? Do you want me to make you some fucking chai tea, and maybe get three jobs since obviously you’re not doing a goddamn thing, and dad is all alone working his fucking ass off?”  Seriously.  She just fucking lays in bed and doesn’t even bother to come and get me to ask nicely to do something for her, because if she did do that, I would be MORE than happy to oblige.  BUT if you just text me and say, “Oh hay. Dishes now.”  Or “Kitchen now.” or “come shave my back.” or w.e the fuck you want, it makes me not want to do it.  Like ever.  I’d appreciate a little more respect, especially since I do everything for your goddamn ass now a days.  Jesus fucking Christ.

Terrible friends.

I thought friends were supposed to be there for you, defend you and all that wonderful shit. Not turn people against you and be complete assholes, but ya know I guess I thought wrong.


I admit I am one sometimes but people that are unbelievable assholes amaze me at they are even alive being as no one has shot them in the face yet.

Your mother.

She just needs to shut up and get on her fucking knees.

Lady Gaga.

I love her and all but she’s like trying too fucking hard. I liked her Poker Face days, with the nice wig and shit but now it’s like she’s just trying to make a statement. Don’t get me wrong, I love her but sometimes she sucks.